I’m writing this post because my next one is going to take some time with lots of reading, researching and thinking!

I came across to this debate (almost like fighting) on Facebook regarding LCHF diet yesterday.

Grow up Tammy!

While not being against this diet, I disagree with that it’s “the best and correct diet for everyone” as many people have claimed.

How low is low? What is the effect of low carb on glucose and insulin resistance? Is it suitable for type 1 AND type 2 diabetes? How does it affect the lipid profile?

We all know that if you consume at least 100g CHO a day, that’s actually fine for your brain functioning, but anything below that? Are there any SERIOUS downsides of this diet, which LOTS of people claim to help lose weight and control blood glucose?

While limited research have been done on the LONG TERM effects of this diet, are we dietitians really “old fashion” and refuse to believe in what’s against what we were taught? Are we wrong? Or can I find evidence to find a correct way?


Also I read an article last night that the low carb diet surprisingly does NOT worsen gout when it comes to clinical trails, where in theory it should. (Still going to read the whole thing and more research on it)


Please wait for the new post 😉


Xoxo Love Tammy

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