A registered dietitian is qualified to modify health condition through science of food; through scientific-based information, we help you manage conditions which include, but not limited to, weight management, diabetes (type 1 and type 2), high blood pressure, heart conditions, kidney conditions etc. We are also experts on health and nutritional education such as breastfeeding education, nutrition during pregnancy, sports nutrition and general healthy eating. A dietitian is qualified with food service; it includes menu planning, recipe adaptation, HACCP auditing and kitchen staff education.



  • You want to lose weight healthily.
  • You have diabetes — even if you’re on medication.
  • You have high blood pressure, cholesterol, LDL, TG, uric acid (gout) etc.
  • You think you have an allergy or intolerance.
  • You struggle to fall pregnant.
  • You are preparing to have a baby.
  • You’ve got a heartburn or reflux.
  • You want to eat right and improve your sports performance.
  • You have anemia.
  • You can’t stop having inflammation.